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Mixed Teams


Mixed Teams and Projects

Build. Develop. Lead. 

Intercultural Teams are either particularly successful – or especially ineffective. We provide your teams with the necessary know-how to make use of the full potential of their diversity

Teams with the proper approaches in building, developing and leadership can make the most of their 'mix' and will almost always produce better results than homogeneous teams. 'Mixed Teams' can have international members (and work online most of the time) or they can consist of different age groups and experience, different genders or levels of hierarchy, or can be newly formed after a merger or acquisition. 

Our offers in training and coaching mostly aim at the teams themselves; for management and human resources we offer a comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion


About us

We are an established provider of consulting and training in cross-cultural communication and cooperation (since 1995).
Our network is international, our basis is Munich.


Dr. Cornelius Görres

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