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Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion Training

Inclusion means more than the minimum of fair and equal pay for women and men, people with or without disabilities (who does not suffer from any?). Inclusion means: equity. So that everyone can contribute their best to a shared success because everyone is appreciated.

How we usually think or come to decisions is strongly influenced by cultural and individual tendencies which are mostly unconscious. This affects decisions about promotions or new hires, team work, financial risks, strategic goals. The psychologist Daniel Kahnemann received the Nobel prize for economy for his research into such tendencies and biases and how they can lead to grave misinterpretations and false decisions if left to the unconscious mind. This generates financial risk and hinders an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute their best and wants to.

We show you how to improve significantly your teams' and your organization's performance with 'inclusive diversity and talent management.' Depending on the target group of our training (or coaching), we help you work out which old rules to send off and which new approaches you should welcome.


Dimensions of Diversity

Dimensions of Diversity 

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