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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion


Consulting on Diversity and Inclusion

How to ensure with 'inclusive diversity' that everyone can offer their best and also wants to.

"Fairness, equity, and inclusion are now CEO-level issues around the world. Executives can no longer abdicate diversity strategies to the CHRO or chief diversity officer. A new focus on accountability, data, transparency, and 'diversity through process' is driving efforts around unconscious bias training and education throughout the business community. Despite these efforts, however, we see a reality gap. Issues around diversity and inclusion continue to be frustrating and challenging for many organizations." Rewriting the rules for the digital age, 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

'Gender' will play a role in this as well as 'integration' but we want to take you further. To improve the performance and profitability of your teams and your organization markedly. 

The approach to this may vary as may the form: choose your options. You have a lot of possibilities, from a presentation on 'Better Thinking' through a 3-hour workshop or an intensive training of several days duration all the way to consulting on the development of an inclusive vision. You also have a lot of target groups: leadership, key account managers, human resources, informal 'multipliers,' mixed teams... 

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Diversity & Inclusion – The Business Case

Diversity & Inclusion Business Case


  • 50 % of the skills shortage expected for Germany could be relieved by more diversity in organizations
    (in Munich alone some 70,000 skilled personnel are sought at this point, mid 2018)
  • 69 % of the signatory organizations and 53 % of all companies in Germany are certain: you can measure and see the success of diversity
  • 68 % of companies consider a participative leadership style to be good for innovation, 62 % see cogntive diversity and openness as the key to more innovation
  • 75 % of companies think that openness and learning aptitude of the organization are among the advantages of diversity
  • >53 % is the ROE for companies with diverse boards, and the EBIT margin is 14 percent higher compared to companies with less diverse boards
  • 60 % of over 500 leaders answering from different branches and company sizes see diversity as a possibility to gain access to new markets

Summary: Diversity increases business success.

sources: Charta der Vielfalt 2017, Factbook DiversityErnst&Young 2016, Diversity in DeutschlandMcKinsey 2015, Why Diversity Matters, and 2018, Delivering Through Diversity

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