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Diversity & Inclusion

Business Case:
8 very competitive reasons
for real Diversity Management

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Unconscious Bias

Business Case:
4 ideas why it is worthwhile
to avoid unconscious biases

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Mobility & Relocation

CULTURE OPTIONS Cultural Orientation:
Going Abroad, Orientation Germany, Integration, Support ...

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Training & Consulting

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    8 competitive reasons for real Diversity management: Find specialists, lower costs, improve your talent management, and more.

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  • Unconscious Bias

    Sharpen your second sight. Develop internal processes to avoid unconscious bias. You can safeguard business decisions, increase performance and profitability, and improve your service and your image.

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  • Relocation

    Advance organizational development with international mobility. Specialists abroad for projects; IT experts invited to Germany; refugees you integrate – international mobility can bring you ahead in various ways.

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  • Vision & Mission

    Go forward! Let your vision statement speak for your organisation. The full team should participate in creating your vision.

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  • Mixed Teams

    Better successful than unproductive! Inclusive teams with room for diverse talents can produce far better results.

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  • Communication

    Basics and more!

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Empower the Best

Organisations can achieve measurably higher performance and profitability when everyone is willing able to give their best.

Genuine diversity is required plus processes that help avoid erroneous decision-making, by dealing with unconscious bias.

When will you use the full potential of your team? Now is the time.

“Fairness, equity, and inclusion are now CEO-level issues around the world. Executives can no longer abdicate diversity strategies to the CHRO or chief diversity officer.” Deloitte, 2017


You have come to the right place

Our key competencies:

  • Diversity: Organisation with an up-to-date approach to Diversity & Inclusion achieve better results.
  • Talent: Overcoming Unconscious Bias for a a modern Talent Management.
  • Cultures: Getting the most out of intercultural intelligence. Make Your T.R.A.C.S.!

Our know-how covers very diverse branches, clients, and projects plus more than 50 countries and regions including Germany, the U. S. A. and Canada, South Africa and China, India and France.

Culture is our profession. Choose your options.


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About us

We are established providers of consulting and training in cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias (since 1995).
Our basis is Munich, our network is international.


Dr. Cornelius Görres

+49 (0)89 48 99 98 38

Heinrich-Heine-Strasse 13
80686 Munich, Germany