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Consulting on international mobility and relocation,
on diversity and inclusion strategies,
and on countering unconscious bias.


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Training & Coaching

Training and coaching for professional assignments abroad – relocation – and for practical approaches to diversity & inclusion.


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Intercultural Orientation

CULTURE OPTIONS offers you an array of options on relocation abroad and orientation in Germany.


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About us

We show you new views and perspectives: on what seems different and what seems similar and also on your own patterns of thought.

Our international network of experienced consultants is a practical example of diversity and our understanding of ‘cross-cultural cooperation.’ Together we know more than 50 countries and are up-to-date on current developments.

T.R.A.C.S. is how we call our practice-based competence model to improve intercultural cooperation. Based on findings in neuroscience, it also helps Better Thinking.’ That in turn can further inclusive diversity – and performance and profitability in the process.

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Programs Training & Coaching

mobility & relocationdiversity & inclusion
unconscious bias & more

tap the full potential with intercultural intelligence
to improve performance and profitability

“Fairness, equity, and inclusion are now CEO-level issues around the world. Executives can no longer abdicate diversity strategies to the CHRO or chief diversity officer.” Deloitte, 2017


Why you have come to the right place

  • We show you new views and perspectives: on what seems different and what seems similar and also on your own patterns of thought. Up-to-date neurosciences help us.
  • You choose the best option for your requirements – consulting, coaching, training
  • Our practice-based competence model explains the relevant skills and attitudes for successful cross-cultural cooperation: Make your T.R.A.C.S.!
  • There are modules for all purposes, depending on time and objectives – from webinar or presentation to workshops of several days duration. 
  • Strengthening your corporate culture is what we expect from our consulting. So that you get better results through Better Thinking
  • Our know-how covers more than 50 countries and regions and very many very different clients and projects. 

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GesichtZeigen Charta der Vielfalt NUiF trainerlink: CULTURE OPTIONS

Vielfalt │ Diversity

Business Cases:

Diversity & Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

  • 8 very profitable reasons for diversity management
  • a view of the many dimensions of a personality
  • 4 aspects why it pays to avoid unconscious bias

D & I Business CaseDimensions of DiversityUnconscious Bias Business Case

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About us

We are an established provider of consulting and training in cross-cultural communication and cooperation (since 1995).
Our network is international, our basis is Munich.


Dr. Cornelius Görres

+49 (0)89 48 99 98 38
Heinrich-Heine-Strasse 13
80686 Munich, Germany